How to save during Black Friday sales

Black Friday 2020 is almost at the threshold. Forget the rumors, as  we are expecting it on 27th of November 2020. Did you know that you can make your shopping smart and efficient by following some easy tips and tricks? Here they are, especially prepared for you by Jamiladeals. Let’s open the secrets of Black Friday sales and deals and be prepared!

Know what you want. Make a list.

Nobody would like to to go randomly at such stressful day, and buy everything what’s looking discounted. This will not only make you super exhausted from the shopping therapy, but also get lost and forget what you came for! When you hear about a sale that is going to expire soon, sometimes you blindly go and buy stuff, that you won’t actually need soon. Or at least, you won’t need them till the next sale!!! Did you just buy something only because it looks nice or has a super attractive price? It maybe sounds a cliché, but really, you are not going to save much this way.

Take 10 minutes before shopping to know what’s the needed for you. Make a list of what things you need – for yourself, for your home, for your family… You won’t have excuses to make such a note, since today’s technology makes it even easier.

November deals exposed. When and how?

Early Black Friday deals are becoming more and more frequent. Even the physical stores are starting to “heat up” with unexpected partly sales starting from the first week of November. Truly, November is the month of the best deals. Thursday afternoon, 26th of November you may find majority of the stores which kicked the Black Friday sale, and believe it or not the biggest sales in November are happening on Monday (Cyber Monday) and Thursday (Thanksgiving). And that’s because deals has actually started from Monday on the Black Friday week. If you are shopping online, you are dealing with something else. The sales will be overwhelming during the entire month. All you need to do to make sure you buy an item at it’s lowest price is to follow the price drops and the sales calendar! You will find many sites plan for the sales at a special November sales calendar. It’s no longer just about Friday itself. It’s much bigger period of time which has falling super deals at certain days and timings! So get ready for true savings by checking out these calendars.

Check the item online

You can re-check the item that you found in the physical shop at any online platform from your smartphone while shopping. You might be surprised with the online offers for the same items!

Surely got the lowest price? Hold on!

Did you know that your credit card might have a reward program that works at the store that you are buying from? Online or physical shop, it could have a great deal for you! The staff probably won’t have time to tell you this at this day unless you ask!

Shopping online comes to save you!

Want to avoid all the physical affords, big plans, or maybe some black Friday injury (a very true story)!? Go for it. Online shopping will not only save you from diving in the crowd, but will save you from extra stress and wasted time. The smoothest Black Friday shopping experience that you could have in 2020 would be the smart choice to shop online. No mask, no hassle, no rush.

If you didn’t start your shopping on time, don’t worry!

Could it happen that we missed black Friday and all the previous sales? Maybe it was a hard working day for you and you couldn’t make that long awaited shopping! Don’t think it’s all over! Yes, after Black Friday,  you could continue shopping during the weekend, but you may fall in a trap while finding many out of stock items. Yes, the sale will be still there, but the size and color you needed may not be there anymore. The best option for such case is again, going online.

JamilaDeals is here to help you out with your Black Friday shopping and bring you out all the sales at one place, even if you have missed the dates. Save yourself some more time looking for all the offers from different platforms. Just ask us what you are looking for or browse from selected best deals collected all in one page, all from the most trusted worldwide platforms! Just choose the shop and click. Anytime, and it’s never too late for Black Friday, if you are shopping online! 🙂
Why to choose JamilaDeals for your best shopping experience online?

-JamilaDeals lists compares between different retailers selling the same product and provides the one at a lowest price with highest rating.
-JamelaDeals always stays up-to date with the newest offers, deals and coupons

Think before you buy, know before you buy, and only then you will surely save!

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