How to save during Black friday sales

Black Friday is already there, but hey, it is no longer a matter of just a day!

This is why JamilaDeals prepared for you quick tips & tricks list for your best shopping experience during Black friday. Think before you buy, know before you buy, and only then you will surely save!

Know what you want. Make a list.

When you hear about a sale that is going to expire soon, sometimes you blindly go and buy stuff, that you won’t actually need soon. Or at least, you won’t need them till the next promotion!!! Did you just buy something only because it looks nice?

Take 10 minutes and choose wisely. Make a list of what things you need – for yourself, for your home, for your family… Yes, just write… 1, 2, 3… You won’t have excuses for this note, since today’s technology makes it even easier. You could write notes on your phone or ask your voice assistant do this for you! Easy!

Thursday sale

If you want to get a particular item, know that at the physical stores by Thursday afternoon you will already find the Black Friday sale ongoing.  A decent cheat to avoid the Friday crowds! Because then they will start from the opening of the shops!

Check the item online

You can re-check the item that you found in the physical shop at any online platform. You might be surprised with the online offers.

Surely got the lowest price? Hold on!

Did you know that your credit card might have a reward program that works at the store that you are buying from? Online or physical shop, it could have a great deal for you! The staff probably won’t have time to tell you this at this day unless you ask!

If you didn’t start your shopping yet, don’t worry!

Could it happen that we missed black Friday? Maybe it was a hard working day for you and you couldn’t make that long awaited shopping! Don’t you worry, tomorrow you will still find the discounts, and after tomorrow too! This is why it’s a black Friday, so that you spend your weekend shopping! Found the physical stores out of stock? Go for

Shopping online

Go for it. If one place has sold all the items you wanted to buy, other one will have them!

Looking for something particular at it’s best price? JamilaDeals is here to help you out. Don’t waste your time searching, because we can find you all you prepared in your list at the most affordable prices! Anytime 🙂