Classic abaya collection you will love

 JamilaDeals’ 10 picks for a classic abaya style.

The classic abaya is that simple black Islamic & traditional dress. Every Muslim woman has at least one of them at her wardrobe, it’s just the simplest must-have attire for every Muslim lady.

Why it is the black abaya?

The classics – no matter what the abaya went through during the years, the black remains “the Queen of the abayas”.  How precisely the black abaya emphasizes the women’s beauty, while it’s being the most modest? It is just so mysterious and enigmatic! Add it a little sparkle and it becomes a chic dress. How? The classic black abaya just beats them all in all times.

When it comes to fashion, they say that the colored abaya will make you stand out from the crowd, but Jamila is sure that the simplicity is the key to stand out. The today’s collection will only prove this to you 😉

The classic black abaya can be worn not just as a daily “go to market” clothing, but as a delicate and elegant evening dress, still remaining named “abaya”. is an abaya devotee, therefore it will take you to the best classic abaya picks chosen by it’s team as the most affordable and stylish.

A chic choice for special occasions – timeless elegance.

classic elegant black abaya

So light,  so simple, but a spectacular abaya dress

light black abaya

Embroidered, but still got that classic radiance. Not just and only for your daily wear.

embroidered black abaya

Beading Embellished Abaya with versatile design – to suit any occasion.

beading embellished black abaya

Splendid Velvet Abaya – looks so chic!

velvet black abaya


Laced open abaya with belt – the perfect choice to bring elegance to your daily wear.

lace black abaya


Self fabric layered Abaya – the ideal unpretentious formal apparel.

formal black abaya

For the times when you insist on the simple and plain.

simple basic abayabat style abaya


An Embroidered feather flap Abaya for a glamorous and luxurious look.

feather abaya appreciates and also promotes the Muslim women apparel. It’s going to be your best look when you are happy in what you wear, because the entire idea of the loose modest dress, is to give you that confidence! You can always contact Jamila for a best suggestion for you, or to find the matching hijab to your abaya.

Wear your crown with grace <3



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