How to choose your abaya?

Let’s talk about abayas!

Finding your abaya? What is abaya dress? How to choose the right Abaya for each occasion? Where to buy Abaya from? Abaya from Dubai? In this article we are going to answer those questions.

Abaya is one of the most preferred Muslim women clothing in the Middle East. It is a beautiful long and loose dress with long sleeves, that creates that graceful “princess” look. This type of apparel has been always associated not only with the Arabian women, but also with these who had a good status.

The plain black abaya remains the classic – mysteriously flowing, radiating luxury and elegance. However, nowadays this garment became so favorable and desirable by many women who follow different religions and traditions. Therefore it’s going all the time through major changes with it’s styles, fabrics, cuts, prints, embroideries and motifs. All this to satisfy the preference and create individuality for each woman who likes to look different by still keeping the modest look.

black abaya

Why abaya?

The abaya is a very expressive women’s garment. It just talks on behalf of you, the way you wear it, the way you look! With hundreds of choices and options for “customization” this beautiful clothing can become an evening-wear, occasional-wear or a regular daily-wear. It’s comfort, soft and gentle female outlook is what makes it so special and preferable. The abaya is perfectly amalgamated with a shayla, hijab or niqab, therefore it is the ultimate Islamic women wear.

Jamila is here to help you out picking the right abaya for each purpose. Carefully chosen, your abayas can become an irreplaceable and most essential part of your wardrobe.

Already fell in love with that sparkling blue piece in the mall? Or prefer to shop online? Hold on! Here are some important tips for you before making your purchase.

Which fabric?

No matter how beautiful the abaya you liked is, if you know that fabric doesn’t bring you comfort, don’t buy it. If you have the opportunity, try the piece and make sure it feels light and easy to move with. Walk around, you shouldn’t feel discomfort, pressure or extra weight (unless you are purposely buying a fancy abaya with much decor and stones).  If you are shopping online, it’s preferable to choose a refined fabric, since the synthetic material doesn’t usually give that natural fall (which brings the abaya elegance). Moreover, if the seller did not mention the fabric at the description, take the time to ask the same.

Which season?

Surely, the season makes a difference. Light chiffon abayas and shaylas are comfortable and good looking, but if you are experiencing a windy and rainy season, then these will have to wait for some time. Thin and light abayas are obtaining the market, be patient to spend some more time to find a thicker and just an inch shorter abaya dress than what you regularly would wear. Have in your mind that you might also wear a bit thicker clothes under the abaya. The best choice for autumn and winter could be the dress which is closing by buttons or zipper, as the shown below:

3 color abaya winter
Tri Color Winter Abaya – Cream + Grey + Black

Winter abaya
Fall Front Zipper abaya

Black Winter Abaya Zipper
Fall Front Zipper Abaya Dress

How to wear it?

Abaya is very simple and easy to wear. If you prefer the open abaya, you can look gorgeous with it by wearing solid and simple colored dresses or sets underneath. The rule of simplicity applies especially if you go for an embroidered abaya with much decor. Then it’s better to avoid the multi-colored under abaya clothing, as well as the bold accessories.

abaya style open abaya look

Check out similar open abayas sold online.

Comply with your skin tone

If you are into fashion and beauty, you are probably already knowing which colors are your best match. You surely don’t want to end up looking like you are wearing a home robe by buying the wrong shade dress.

Here are some major tips for you while choosing the right abaya color for you:

-Figure out if you are cool or warm skin tone and wear corresponding colors. 

-If you are pale-skinned, avoid the pastel and off-white colors. Experiment with brighter colors, they will only enhance your beauty. 

-If you have dark skin, avoid too bold abaya colors.  Feel free to go for the pastel shades, they look stunning on a darker skin.

-Online shopping is very beneficial when it comes to colors variety. Most of the traders offer their clothing in many different colors. Also you can always contact them and recheck what you are unsure of.

-If you are hesitating between another dark abaya and a black one, go for the black abaya. It’s always classy and elegant, and it looks flawless on all skin tones!

skin tone selector        skin tone to hijab color

*notice how on the second image the color of the hijab is matching with the skin tones.

1,5,6,7 – cool skin tone -> cold hijab colors

2, 3, 4, 8 – warm skin tone -> warm hijab colors

In conclusion, even if you wear clothing that is matching your skin color, you have to go for the right tone. Else you are risking making yourself look tired, older etc…

Choose the right size & adjust.

If you are purchasing your abaya online, you should have the options to select your size. Even if you know it, you shall still go through the particular item size chart, as differences could be there, depending on the seller.

If you are shopping outside you might be having the opportunity to modify the chosen abaya right at the same place. At UAE, in the abaya shopping centers and malls this service is usually included with your purchase. Sometimes the dress could be too wide, too long, or it’s sleeves too loose. Don’t worry, the tailor will be fixing this issue for you in a matter of 30 minutes, of course after taking your measurements.

The right length of the abaya depends on it’s purpose and the occasion that it’s going to be used for. For example, if you are going to wear a chic and glamorous abaya for a special occasion, it can be longer, going below your ankle. For the practical every day dress, it is not advisable it to be below the ankle, unless you always wear heels.

The abaya purpose

Since we knew that the abaya is offering us different designs, and different reasons to wear it,  dressing up the right one at the right place is also of an importance. Abaya is no longer “just an abaya”. It can be the ideal outfit as a formal wear, as much as the ideal special occasion dress. Therefore we collected some helpful style ideas,  according to your occasion, that might support your choice:

Daily-wear ideas​

*you can click on the particular items to find them

gray home abaya pink hooded abaya basic black abaya lace

Jamila’s Tip: For your everyday wear  go for an abaya without stones or beads. There are many abayas out there which doesn’t need ironing and are perfectly fine with the daily washing machine experience.

Evening-wear ideas​

evening abaya style evening glitter abaya evening silk abaya

 Special occasion-wear ideas

*Chiffon abayas with stones, beads, glitters and other decors shouldn’t be washed in a machine.

Keep them in a water with abaya shampoo for some time for longer live and brightness.

glitter occassional abaya laced black abaya blue wedding abaya

Formal abaya ideas

 bow formal abaya off white formal abaya off white formal abaya


Many sellers combine abaya together with a hijab or shayla, especially designed for it. However, if this is not included, the best option to find the right match for your dress is to buy it by the same time. Actually, the scarf doesn’t even need to be the same color with the abaya, but it’s style and fabric definitely has to match with the dress. Remember, that no matter how extravagant your abaya is, if the scarf doesn’t match it well, this could easily ruin all the glam and shine out of your entire outfit.

Finding your Abaya

Depending on your location you can shop abayas widely from physical or online shops. For instance, if you live in a country where Muslims obtain, shopping an abaya out of home could be an amusing and fun experience with your friends.

Abaya from Dubai

dubai abaya souq

If you are a traveler, probably you heard of the best destination to shop abayas outdoors – UAE. “Abaya from Dubai” is already a name. There are many muslim women wear shops in dubai and each Emirate in UAE has an abaya mall – a shopping centre dedicated especially for hijab and abayas.

If you don’t rely on a budget and would like to go for designer abaya with precious stones or special refined fabrics, visit abaya shops in Dubai mall or any of the famous malls of this glamour city.

The mid and low price choice would be going to the abaya malls and the indoor/outdoor shopping centres. They mostly orientate to sell affordable price abayas. Such places are: Abu Hail Shopping Centre, Abaya Mall Mirdif, Naif Souq & Gold Souq Dubai, Abaya land Ajman…

Abaya from Dubai







Order Abaya Online

You have no chance to shop outdoors, or maybe you are an online shopping fan? Here you go, the online abaya varieties are as many as you would like to see! That’s why we are here – to help you out with anything you are looking for. And not only, you can request us to find the best price of the hijab and abaya style that you are looking for! Feel free to send us your inquiry, we will respond you with pleasure.

Wear your abaya with grace and inspire other women with your fabulous feminine look! Don’t forget, that simplicity is the key to look good 😉

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