The New Shopping Reality

Online Shopping! Do you remember the times when we could go out no matter what, gather together whenever we want, and it couldn’t even pass through our mind that this might be hard or complicated to achieve one day. It’s been only a while, but all these regular daily stuff are no longer the same, and we have to cope with the “new normal”.
The year of coup – 2020. Who could expect such major lifestyle changes?

Who could guess that even the most basic going to the nearest market could turn to a different experience

Today we still have opportunities to buy the way we prefer, but the online shopping will definitely be a bigger part of the scene. And this is why I tried to collect for you my recommendations for doing a full shopping experience through digital retail platforms.

Shopping Online for Essentials

The most important clothing that you need to use on your daily basis. Those are shirts, t-shirts, jeans, trousers, skirts home wear, etc. You can find this with a good quality and a reasonable price. We highly recommend you shopping at Floryday, FairySeason, SheIn, GAP, NewChic  for your best experience with essentials. These selected top online shops definitely will give you a big choice at a reasonable pricing!

Buying Abayas Online

At Jamiladeals, we give a special attention and a big importance to the decent women clothing. Discover the world of abayas with us. Shop from simple low cost abayas from online stores like EastEssence, or Aliexpress to luxury brands abayas from  Ounass  and LC. We find you the best of abayas at their best price!

classic abaya

Classic abaya

two layed abaya

Abaya set

Ruffled Yoke Casual Abaya

Casual abaya

Summer Abaya

Abaya dress

Online Choices for Dresses

What is the most ladylike apparel for a woman? Of course, beautiful, feminine and goodness radiating garments are the dresses. There is no woman that doesn’t look better in a dress, isn’t it? A dress is not just the perfect choice to look better or girlish, but to feel like “her”, the woman, for real. It is not only a solution for a special occasion, but an easy daily choice which even brings much more comfort than trousers! Go through the great offers on dressed by Floryday, Shein, Simple Dress, Ounass. and discover that a woman in dress is a goddess.

engagement prom drerss

Prom dress

ounass dress

Ounass dresses

arabian dress

Maxi dress

Elegant Vintage Dress

Vintage dress

Formal Wear

Going for your work, meeting or an interview? Here is a selection of shops that offer formal clothing for your best look at your business time – H&M, Ounass, Simple Dress

cotton blouse shein

Office blouse

costume set

Two pieces set for your best look


Shopping online for the little ones is very easy and joyful. The world of items for the kids is so rich and multifarious. Go for a great experience for children accessories and clothing with GAP, SPRII, NewChic, Aliexpress, Amazon.When it comes to a choice of baby and kids clothing and accessories  – best options and best prices are easy to compare online. Let yourself explore the best kids collections selected by Jamiladeals!

Pink Tulle Flower Girl Dress

Pink tulle dress

girl blue top

Girl’s top

Girl's Lace Patchwork Sweatshirt Set

Girl’s set

Makeup & Beauty

The online supply is full of just what us – girls, like. You can discover a world of shine and glow thanks to the great offers on makeup and ladies accessories! Turn your beauty shopping experience not less joyful than before – thanks to all the best offers collected by Jamiladeals HERE. Make the best gift for yourself or your favorite people, and get your order even in a beautiful gift box! For your best experience we highly recommend shopping in  Alyaka, Bath & Body Works and of course the great fragrance and makeup offers at Amazon!

eye pencil alyaka lipstick 12 colours shadow lookfantastic beauty

Online shopping – an essential part of our daily life.

As a woman I truly understand the struggle of shifting to the virtual shopping world, especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. The process itself together with the emotions and a life presence of a seller who would know what exactly you are looking for. Live conventional shopping with its entire atmosphere is such an enjoyable adventure, but what gives the online shopping a big priority is that you will spend less time, money, efforts and recently less health risks! Unless you are a tourist who is shopping for fun, consuming the time in the right way, when it comes to shopping, is a very big PLUS, and we can’t deny that.

Even the most traditional shopaholics are getting used to the online shopping. And those who always preferred to see, try and touch their further purchases will have to consider the new reality.

We, at Jamiladeals are bringing best of the best deals and sales, as well carefully selecting the most preferred modest women wear, to match the criteria of Muslim concept.

search jamiladealsWith us you will find the latest offers from the most rated worldwide platforms and brands. And what you are looking for is just one click away. How? Just type your desired item at Jamiladeals search tool and it will appear to you at it’s best price! Enjoy your online shopping experience with Jamiladeals!


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