Body Care Year End Sale

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Sold By : Bath & Body Works


Enjoy the online Body Care Year End Sale with Bath & Body works.

Amazing end of year gifts all body and home fragrance products with up to 80% discount.

For over 20 years, Bath and body works created magical scents that make you smile. This worldwide known and trusted brand is now selling everything at throw away prices!

Give yourself a luxury fragrant body care treat, or make your friend a beautifully wrapped gift, that will be the most favorable present of them all. Surely, one of the most preferred gifts that any lady will enjoy.

Shop body care, hand soaps, shower care, home fragrances and amazing gift sets with Bath & body works.

Body care – from AED 19

3-wick candles – from AED 35

hand soaps – from 12 AED

room sprays – from 15 AED

wallflowers refills  – from 10 AED

Gift sets at very reasonable prices and more