Knee-High Knitted Warm Socks

Package : 1 pair
Material : Polyester
Thickness : Standard
Style : Casual
Item Weight : 60 gram
Size: 41*7cm

$14.19 $8.79

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These Knee-High Knitted Warm Socks are on sale now at such a low price.

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Make your body warm with these high knee socks to feel comfortable during cold times. They are high and very beautiful with geometric lines for better look. You can wear them at home with your pyjamas, home trousers or a robe, you can wear them outside with a skirt to be protected from cold weather. There are several colours: black mixture and grey mixture.

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Knee-High Knitted Warm Socks
Knee-High Knitted Warm Socks

$14.19 $8.79

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