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Tortilla Wrap Blanket

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39 inches!

Tight seam technology

Neat stitches enhance strong connections at seams. We adopt the double seam method, which can effectively prevent problems such as thread dropping and falling off.

Warm and Light

Micron highly woven, daily washing is not easy to deform and fluff, tight stitching to deliver unparalleled comfort and strong durable for use.

Exquisite printing

Our inspiration comes from real life, and we apply real patterns to products to form beautiful and real tortilla throw blankets, bringing warmth and interest to people.

Easy to care

Wash at low temperature and let dry naturally. Micron highly woven, daily washing is not easy to deform and fluff.


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This burrito round blanket can be used as adults blanket, kids blanket, baby blanket, bed blanket, nap blanket, sofa blanket, wearable blanket, beach blanket, pet blanket and so on. High-quality flannel material, soft, comfortable, durable, it is recommended to prepare a burritos food blanket as a gift for every lovely family member.  If you roll you up with this blanket and you will look like a huge human burrito. At the same time, it is also the best gift for family and friends.

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