Stunning Modest Outfit Idea

When it comes to your outside outfits,

We, at are determined to provide a beautiful window for modest women wear.

As we are interested to promote the principals of Islam and their importance even when it comes to providing offers for all women.

We also want to stand beside the Muslimah, understanding the difficulty to change to a better style and get used to new habits in the dress code.

Looking modest and modern at the same time is absolutely possible!

We are here to orientate you and give you some ideas for a balanced and humble look, at the same time still looking stunning.

Looking good and feeling good

is something that any woman should radiate. Her neat and positive look is a motivation for other women. We selected a great and easy to wear combination of a floral printed fish cut dress (abaya) and a scarf that are are ideal for going out with your family, friends, for shopping or a romantic outing with your husband.

This combination will cost you ONLY 27.98 USD thanks to EastEssence’s ongoing offers 🙂

A very reasonable selection for the modest wear fans and the Muslimah, who would like to add some pleasant feminine look  into her wardrobe.

And always remember, covering your physical beauty you will uncover your spiritual beauty. Because this is the only beauty that lasts 🙂


Find your best outfit and pay less


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