Why Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime- The great Amazon Experience Plus!

Amazon Prime is simply your gateway to a world of exclusive deals, services, free fast shipping and better customer experience.

Prime puts you many steps ahead in four main ways which are Shipping, Shopping, Streaming and Reading.

Shopping Benefits:

When it comes to shopping, Amazon Prime brings you an array of services that guarantees a deal on almost everything starting from food and grocery with a some great benefits from Whole food market. 5% cash back for eligible prime members and 2 hours delivery to selected cities which are always growing.

Another awesome Amazon Prime-exclusive program is the Prime Wardrobe , where you can get eligible items to your home, try them for seven days and get charged only for what you decide to keep.

Amazon Prime members can also get 30-minutes early access to lightening deals which can make all the difference.

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Shipping Benefits:

Here comes one great feature of  prime with flexible shipping ranging from 2-hours delivery to a selection of a preferred day.

Prime Now can get you items delivered within 2 hours (with your zip code, you can check the availability at your area).

With Amazon Day, you can choose a day where the purchased items over the week can be shipped on this specific day.

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Reading Benefits:

Prime Reading offers you a great deal of free books that you can borrow as an Amazon Prime member. In addition, you can also get early access to a new book to download for free every month.

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Amazon Prime UAE:

It is already available in the UAE since June 2019 and whoever subscribed for it a has experienced lot more than fast delivery.

Amazon.ae is serving a very generous offer with 30-days free trial on Amazon Prime membership. That means we can all experience those awesome prime benefits free of charge.

Although Prime UAE doesn’t offer the same vast range of services and products as Global, yet it is still a great deal of benefits in shipping, reading and streaming. It also offers 12 hours early access to deals which is still making all the difference.

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Some deals from Amazon UAE.


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