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When it comes to beauty…

As women, we all love taking care of our appearance. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it, but our glowing outside look brings up our positive mood and charges everyone around us with positive vibes. Literally, if you look good, you will feel good. And why not looking good always while enjoying the process of application? This is actually what Alyaka called “beauty”. They bring up not just skincare products, and not just a makeup, but something…

Unique and special

New, unique, passionate, and alluring—all of these words are synonymous with Alyaka, a fresh destination for discovering niche beauty brands worldwide.

We love Alyaka for that they do not lose their uniqueness – what makes their beauty “theirs”. Someone who truly fights for the real beauty & health, not just for the mass production and sale. Beautifully packed quality products with handcrafted ingredients. And using them is such a joyful experience.

Alyaka is sharing their knowledge of intricate, beautiful brands—their complete stories, their passions, and their products—as well as the inspirations behind those brands. They bring us only exceptional beauty products that are safe, luxurious, effective, and ultimately “good” for both you and the planet.

Alyaka is the final destination for all niche beauty lovers, as well as those who seek uniqueness, quality, and passion in all aspects of life.🤩

Alyaka Beauty Box

The beauty boxes are also known as discovery sets. A great choice to “try” and “feel” the different cosmetics before buying the full packs. Each box is packed to brimming with brand products that make a difference in your skin and hair, depending on the brand. These products are nourishing and healthy, giving you a new reason to spend hours admiring your complexion and tresses.

The products in our beauty boxes are all sample sizes, ranging from 1 to 5 ml, which means between 2 and 5 uses per product. This gives you the chance to effectively try out each product from the brand collection to decide which one works best for you.

The beauty box would be also the perfect gift for your closest or friend, but if you wish to purchase any full-size product of a sampled products* it’s price will be refunded from your online purchase.

*Within one month after ordering Alyaka Beauty Box. The special refunding code will be sent to you in your order confirmation.

These, and many other facts about Alyaka makes give it a very special attention. Explore Jamila’s best deals with this amazing online beauty & health store:

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